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Cover Q&A with JL Photography

When Laurie was loitering around the tuna sandwiches in the canteen at Chesterfield on a daily basis, Jamie knew there was something fishy going, and he was right. It turns out she had taken a shine to Jamie who works in the catering department. So, Jamie asked her out and five years later they are the ‘picture perfect’ couple, known on social media as _jl_photography_ and we are pleased to feature them on this month's front cover.

I caught up with Jamie and Laurie eager to find out what inspires them to photograph our beloved back garden, The Peak District.

Firstly, I just want to say how stunning your photos are, we (S41 and S40 Local Magazine) are very impressed and it was an easy decision to place one of your images on our front covers. The majority of your photos are taken in the Peaks, do you have any favourite spots that you can share with our readers?

Jamie: We go up Snake Pass and to Lady Bower a lot.

Laurie: It’s really quiet and peaceful up there. The views are incredible. We also like going to Alport Castles, which is three large mounds that tower over the valley. From a distance they look like castles.

Did you know that Tom Cruise is currently filming in Eyam?

Laurie: He’s been out filming in the Peaks before and the Yorkshire Dales, very cool!

Were you both into Photography when you met, was it a shared passion from the off?

Laurie: I always wanted to get into photography, but never bought a camera because I didn’t have anyone to do it with.

Jamie: I was into it a little, but I only had a tiny camera, then Laurie bought something decent.

Laurie: I bought one from CEX in town, nothing special, but from then on, we were out every weekend and loved it.

It’s great that you both share a love for what you do, your Instagram page is fabulous.

Laurie: We’ll have to do you a free print, Simon.

That would be excellent, thank you. So, what camera do you use now?

Jamie: We both have the same cameras, the Cannon 6D Mark 2 which is why the photos look half decent! We are still very much learning; we learn something new every time we go out. Laurie does most of the editing.

Laurie: I enjoy the editing process and tend to use Adobe Light Room. I’m getting a lot better at it now, it takes practice and patience.

Out of all your photos, which is your favourite? I suppose this is like asking a parent who their favourite child is, they all have one, but would never disclose that information!

Laurie: We are really struggling with this one.

Jamie: The boat house at the Lake District is one of my favourites (page 16). It looks like you are in the middle of nowhere, with nothing around for miles, but you actually have a B road just behind you!

Where do you recommend our readers go for the best sights in the Peaks?

Jamie: Bamford Edge, you can see for miles.

Laurie: Baslow Edge for the Highland cow! If you are lucky, you may even see a hare!

Jamie: The Ridge, Mam tor (page 16) Castleton area, amazing views!

Laurie: It’s not very popular there, good shout.

We have a three-year-old little girl, so give us a couple of child friendly suggestions, please.

Jamie: How about a day out in Bakewell and then you head down the Monsal Trail. It’s as flat as flat can be so very child friendly.

I don’t suppose it’s only 100 metres long? I have problems trying to get her to walk to the car without complaining!

Laurie: Haha, there are some nice coffee shops on the way!

I’m sold! Last question; if you could travel to and photograph anywhere, would it be?

Jamie: It’s got to be Iceland, there are just so many different photo opportunities, beaches, glaciers etc.

Laurie: Even the clouds are different, but not forgetting the Northern Lights. I bet every amateur photographer would love to photograph it!

I really enjoyed chatting to you both and can’t wait to see your images in print in our magazines. I’m sure our readers will love them just as much as we do. See you in the Peaks!

If you want to see more of Jamie and Laurie’s photos, or even buy a print, you can see them on Instagram (make sure you use the underscores).

IG jl_photography_

Text: Simon Paterson

Images: Jamie & Laurie


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