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‘Chesterfield is OPEN’ Creative Project

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Local independent creatives combine skills to help get Chesterfield’s independents ‘back to business’.

Local Modern Mural Artist, Peter Barber, doesn’t like to sit around, so when lockdown hit his creative mind was still switched on. “I started painting ‘OPEN’ signs using left over bits of wood and tins of paint. My thoughts were to drop signs off with businesses as they opened, take a photo and to share them, to create a positive and uplifting message that Chesterfield is slowly opening up again”, Peter explained.

“I posted my thoughts on social media and the response was overwhelming, so many small, independent business owners were chomping at the bit to get going again.”

Helen Rowan from Helen Rowan Photography saw Pete’s post and stepped up to help with the photography and Paul Chapman from community magazine S40 and S41 Local offered to work with the pair to share the news.

Helen commented, “I’m proud to live and work within our local community and jumped at the chance to be part of such a wonderful project to support our local businesses.”

Paul Chapman from S40 Local says, “I’ve always been a massive fan of Pete’s work and love what he does. I was keen to help and support the community.

“I’ll be printing the pictures in S40 Local and Simon Paterson will do the same in S41 Local, plus I’ll be sharing and adding the pictures to my website ( as businesses open to help spread the news and support them.”

“Look out for the signs around town and further afield, and if you do see one, please try and support the business, they need your help now more now than ever. Together we can support local independents and get Chesterfield back to business”, says Pete.

Many local businesses have offered services right through lock down by doing order, delivery and collection. Chesterfield Arms for instance have been doing orders and collection of their beer stocks, Maison Mes Amis have been doing their fabulous Sunday dinners to order and deliver and have been supplying Cream Tea & Champers packages to help customers celebrate birthdays and Shop Indie run an online business alongside their shop on Vicar Lane.

“Many people have looked for alternative ways to shop during the lockdown and have turned away from the supermarkets and chain stores. If every adult in Chesterfield spent just £5 in a local independent shop, instead of online or at the big supermarkets, it would be worth an extra £20.4 million per year for the Chesterfield’s economy. Which has to be good for us”, Paul adds.

Look out for tags on social media posts, which you can also post and share.

Let’s get behind Chesterfield and help our independents get ‘Chesterfield OPEN’.


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