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CFC - It's the playoffs!

Words and Images Michael South

Hello, my fellow Spireites. There's good news and bad news. The good news is, that we made the playoffs! The bad? Paul Cook needs a sick bucket.

Sick bucket?!! I hear you ask. let me explain.

During the press conference before the Woking game, Paul said that getting a place in the playoffs if we beat Woking would make him "physically sick" as he didn't feel we deserved to be there given our recent results.

To be honest, I can see his point. At the time of writing, it is 6pm on Sunday 15th May 2022. Chesterfield FC have just played their final league game at home to Woking and we drew 0-0. The first half was poor and the second was better with a few chances. To be honest, we did amazingly make the playoffs, well scrap through to be precise. To be blunt, we miss the likes of Tshimanga.

Paul Cook has it all to do now with the limited players due to injury, to build a winning football squad for the playoffs. But we need to score to get into League Two, it’s that simple. We haven’t scored in the last three games. CFC fans, myself included, still can't believe the turnaround in form since Paul Cook took charge from Rowe, but somehow, we have made it.

Yes, every football manager is different. Yes, every football manager has his own way of working. From his right-hand man and backroom staff to his own choice of players and his own tactics. Yes, it's not as it once was down at the club nowadays since the departure of James Rowe, but with what was handed to Paul Cook for his reprise a few months ago, he has definitely had to hit the ground running.

Let's recap.

So, the problem in my opinion (and yes Chesterfield, we have a problem even though we are in the playoffs) is that Rowe left, not that Cook has taken over. Rowe clearly took with him the winning formula which Cook has yet to fathom. Or did Cook lose the dressing room early on?

Following the recent run of form since Cook took charge of the team (that Rowe had assembled) Chesterfield have only won 4, drawn 5 and lost 9. Yes, injuries had played a big part in this but as Cook first admitted after the Bromley defeat and after most defeats to the media, we aren't good enough and concede soft goals.

Is it wise to criticize your players publicly? Debate that yourself.

CFC didn’t seem to step up to win the games when needed and made basic errors. So again, do the players want to play for him?

CFC slipped down the league but was that due to the new manager or due to just being exhausted at the end of a weird, topsy-turvy season? Either way, Cook clearly is not happy as the Chesterfield boss. But will he get us promoted?

I am a huge Paul Cook fan, don't get me wrong, but Cook has yet to stamp his mark on the club and bring in his own players to fit around his way of management including his famous player formation. We need it to come ASAP, but I’m sure It will come next season regardless of the league we end up in.

Like any manager at a new club, time is key to moulding a team. I just hope and pray Cook stays for the long term and can see us into League one as he has promised in the media recently. He’s done it before.

Yes, he is a different type of manager than Rowe, which is a good thing if you know what I mean. For now, though, we have to try and take solace in the progress the Spireites have made since 2020. At least we still have a club.

I've said before that the club is in a much better place nowadays compared to its recent past… but getting promoted would be nice, wouldn’t it?!



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