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Brookfield’s Summer Production

School productions at any school are a special part of the calendar. At Brookfield, we look forward to these performances, as they are a real celebration of the arts and gives us a chance to reconnect as a school community.

As lockdown restrictions begin to slowly ease, it means we can finally enjoy events in person and not through a computer screen. This July, Brookfield is hosting a summer production full of performances - including dance, music, drama, and art - which will all be linked to the works or themes of William Shakespeare. All performances will take place in the round (audience seated in a circle around the stage) which help ensure the audience have a front row view of the show.

The audience will also be asked to bring picnic blankets and deck chairs, bringing a Proms in the Park feel to Brookfield. This event will be a celebration of work that has taken place throughout the performing arts department. Theatres have been closed for more than a year because of the coronavirus. Now, more than ever, we need to support the creative arts and therefore we hope that you can join us for the summer production at Brookfield.

Phoebe Spacie

Opening up

Sports Leaders

Brookfield year twelve students are given the opportunity as part of Brookfield’s Enrichment Programme to undertake the Sports Leadership Qualification at Level Three. The qualification is nationally recognised and enables students to lead activities independently from the age of eighteen; it also allows students to gain UCAS points which can be used to help boost their university applications later on.

These students - due to easing covid restrictions - have been able to now start their course where, in order to gain the qualification, they are expected to spend two hours after school each week, complete independent learning and give thirty hours of their time to the volunteering aspect of the course.

In the course, students get the opportunity to learn how to develop their leadership skills, how to lead and plan an event, how to deliver a safe session and about planning, leading and evaluating activities for children, the community and people with disabilities. This opportunity tools students with transferable skills such as communication, problem solving and adaptability.

Whilst it appears that the world is a little bit more open each week as covid restrictions ease and we can return to a once familiar normality, so do the opportunities available to the students who have accepted this one of the Sports Leadership Qualification; once passed, this allows them to participate in leadership roles in activities in the community. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to access these; but they can also use it to enhance their CVs and applications to open further doors for themselves. It feels refreshing to see such things taking place knowing how they will be able to use this chance to tool them afterwards; after so much closing with lockdowns in the last year, it is perhaps only natural that new opportunities and re-openings do feel so optimistic and hopeful.

Anja Raine


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