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We include a couple of articles submitted before lockdown 3 hit us

How does a pandemic impact school life?

- an insight into my transition to year twelve.

Are the congested corridors and the rush as the bell rings stories of the past?

Because of one-way systems, year group bubbling and different timetables for different year groups, Brookfield students may have found corridors and stairways a lot quieter and calmer. With each year group being allocated different areas within the school even the necessary travel between classes is lessened.

Other precautions in place include hand sanitiser dispensers across the school, forward-facing classrooms, and social distancing between staff and other year group bubbles.

But how does any of this alter life as a student?

For the most part, not that much. Year group bubbles mean that I am never too far from any of my friends when we’re in different lessons. Combine that with the fact it is not only the pandemic that has brought changes for me, but also the transition to the sixth form. Any precautions may seem much more subtle with a transition from year eleven to the sixth form which brings new faces, new form groups, and new subjects anyway.

Perhaps what’s most important is what has our school managed to preserve? We’ve been able to return to in-person learning, allowing classes and classroom communication to return to normal. We’re lucky to be able to see our friends every day and with many new people coming to the sixth form, I’ve been able to meet new people and make new friends. Something impactful to many is the return of routine and structure. And even some extracurricular activities have been able to run.

In conclusion, whilst the pandemic has brought changes to almost all aspects of our lives, it is good to be back in the school building and have some normality returned to us, within the weird world that coronavirus has created for us.

Anja Raine


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