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Young Enterprise Update

With this year’s Young Enterprise competition approaching crunch time, Brookfield’s Year 12 entrepreneurs prepare for markets, presentations and judging. The two businesses, Urban Jars and Bright Buddies, faced a full day on the Chesterfield market on Thursday 6th of February. In the morning, they had the difficult task of selling their products to the general public - just like an entrepreneur would. However, in the afternoon they confronted an even more demanding challenge, presenting to the judges. Senior businessmen and women from the North Derbyshire region questioned the students, putting them under pressure they had not previously faced, meaning the groups needed to know their facts and figures. Contrary to popular belief, in the eyes of the Young Enterprise scheme, it’s not the company with the most profit that gets judged the best; companies who work well together, are ethical and immerse themselves in the local community are the ones the judges will be impressed by.

Both groups have done very well so far with Urban Jars attending multiple markets already and with sponsorship from the Chesterfield Garden Centre; they are starting to build their brand and make a name for themselves in the local community, selling glass jar plant decorations as well as herbs and flowers in bundles with the aim of trying and get more people involved in gardening. Brookfield’s second Year 12 Young Enterprise group, Bright Buddies, focus on the important matter of road safety. They sell road safety packs for children to ensure that the dangerous walk home is fun and safe, the packs containing keyrings, stickers, dog tags and much more, all with an illuminous twist. They are now reaching out to the local community by going into primary schools and conducting a light-hearted assembly on road safety with a more serious message in mind.

Text: James Sadler

New Learning Support

Brookfield’s learning support area has been relocated to a more prominent position situated by visitors’ reception. It offers an easier accessibility for student use and newly refurbished classrooms equipped to accommodate students’ needs. These new bigger, more accommodating classrooms serve as an open space for students to receive one-on-one support and assistance from qualified staff.

This airier, vivid space generates a lively atmosphere that maintains the communityspirit and caring nature of the pervious learning support in a more accessible, open space.

For students this area has been invaluable in providing a space to learn and aid their general studies in lessons as well as break times, where students can often be found diligently working away. Moreover this learning support area has also proved important for 6th formers, such as myself, who still require the attentive support and bespoke care this facility provides.

Text: Shannon Palmer

Lesotho Adventure - New Year update

Fundraising for the trip to southern Africa is in full swing and Brookfield’s Year 12s have been very creative in the ways they have raised money to fund their visit to develop projects in Lesotho. One event - a staff versus students badminton tournament – was organised by Y12 student Rebecca Riley.

Students paid £1 to watch their friends go up against their teachers. The event was a success: “It was really good that so many people came to support the teachers and the cause,” said Rebecca. “And after a great performance from both teams, the students were victorious.” Teachers from various subjects took part and over £70 was raised through the competition.

A similar competition is to be held later in the year - this time being a staff versus students dodge ball tournament, which is sure to be entertaining and full of tough competition.

Other money raising schemes include a sponsored silence, a staff and students quiz competition, a bake sale and two students being handcuffed to each other for an entire school day.

A school-wide non-uniform day was also held on 24 January, all proceeds going to fund not the students but the projects that the students will undertake while in Lesotho – such as tree-planting and sustainable farming methods.

Congratulations to everyone behind the badminton competition and all of those who competed - especially the victors. We look forward to all of the other things thought up to raise funds for this exciting trip.

Text: George Harris


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