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Boxing for Britain

Jade Ashmore

Words: Simon Paterson

Images: Jade Ashmore

I was going to start this interview by telling you how good Jade Ashmore is at boxing, but rather than do that I decided to publish her very long list of achievements, just so we are absolutely clear!

Junior National Champion 54kg

Youth British Champion 54kg

Youth European bronze medal 54kg

Derbyshire Challenge belt 51kg

Senior National silver medal 51kg

Senior English Title Belt holder 51kg

East Midlands title belt Holder 51kg

Senior British championships silver medal 51kg

Having boxed (badly) for a good few years I was eager to catch up with Jade and find out what it takes to box at an elite level!

Simon: How did you get into boxing, and how old were you when you started?

Jade: So, before I started boxing, I did martial arts at Grassmoor Community Centre. We then moved to a new house and my next-door neighbour went boxing. My brother got bullied a bit at school, so we decided to give boxing a go. Me, my little sister and brother started together at Pro Fitness in Clay Cross. I did about six months down there then went to Robbie’s gym (Spire Boxing Academy). I was twelve when I started.

Simon: I boxed at Spire Boxing Academy for a few years. Robbie is a great guy and it wouldn’t surprise me if he won our local hero award in the future. How old were you when you had your first fight?

Jade: I had my first competitive bout when I was 15. I had a few fights and won my first national title before turning 16!

Simon: Wow, that’s impressive! What was your next move?

Jade: Thanks, I did a lot of boxing at Ozbox which was set up by the police and was free! After a couple more fights I went on to do an Apprenticeship at Bradford College. I had to commute there everyday and come back, without a car! I did all my college work and trained with the coach at break times! At night I boxed at Chesterfield ABC as I couldn’t make it back in time for sessions at Ozbox. ABC really turned me into a boxer, and I came on loads technically.

Simon: Well, no-one can question your commitment to the sport. I believe you went on to represent your country not long after this?

Jade: I did, I got the call up to represent England not too long after my apprenticeship. My first fight was a duel; England Vs France at the Institute of Sport in Sheffield. I was the only female on the show and many of the males went on to box in the Olympics a couple of years later!

Simon: Have you had the pleasure of travelling to other countries with your boxing?

Jade: I have, yes, in the Europeans. I had three fights over three days and came away with the bronze medal. It was held in Hungary and was fully funded, I just needed to get myself to the airport and take a bit of spendo! It’s cool ‘cos you get to see the country as well whilst you are there. I was still a youth boxer at this point. Females aren’t classed as senior boxers until they are 19.

Simon: I’ve never been to Hungary, but it’s on the list. How are you doing as a senior boxer now?

Jade: It was tough to get selected once I turned senior because we have some world class boxers such as world silver medallist Lisa Whiteside. After a lot of nagging, they put me in the squad, there was only three places! I did well and went on to box Lisa. I went all four rounds and put up a really good fight. Lisa had previously won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games, so I was dead proud of myself.

Simon: Going the distance with a boxer of that calibre is a huge achievement, rather you than me!

Jade: Off the back of that performance I got the call up for team GB!

Simon: Nice one, Jade. How did it feel when you took the call?

Jade: There’s no feeling better in the world, being asked to represent your own country, amazing, I was on top of the world. My family were over the moon.

Simon: Who’s the most famous boxer you have ever met?

Jade: Anthony Joshua was on camp most weeks! Tony Bellew who was in the movie Creed. Tyson Fury and his dad haha!

Simon: Which characteristics are essential if you are to make it as a fighter?

Jade: Confidence is a big one. You must always display confidence to your opponent and have the belief you can win. Fitness, if you think you haven’t trained hard enough then you probably haven’t. Survival of the fittest. Passion for the sport, you must enjoy it, other wise you won’t be committed.

Simon: What is your go to cheat meal and where would you go in town to have eat it?

Jade: I love pasta, Italian food. I’d have to go to Lambarelli’s on Chatsworth Road. Proper little Italian that.

Simon: So, what’s next for Jade Ashmore?

Jade: I’m a fully qualified personal trainer and teach various boxing classes. In fact, your cousin Becky has just started having some sessions with me! I am looking to turn pro and hopefully have a great career, representing my hometown (Chesterfield) on the big stage!

Simon: I wish you every success with your career, and you will be my first port of call when I decide to get back in shape.

Jade is available for one to one and group sessions, catering for all age’s and abilities. For more information call her on:

07933 753 165


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