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Anne Davis' Charity Cookbook

A great cause and great food.

Words: Martin Edmunds

Images: Paul Chapman

A great cause and great food. What is there not to like about Anne Davis’ charity cookbook?

One For The Pot is an ideal buy for those that enjoy the fresh meat, fish, cheese and vegetables which can be easily sourced - while supporting local purveyors.

Born out of her love to help others, this book has been lovingly crafted over decades to please. In fact, some of the recipes are nearly 100 years old... well tried and tested, but perhaps forgotten in this modern era.

ALL the proceeds to go Sheffield Children’s Hospital for very personal reasons.

The 99 recipes (one of which will need quantities scaling down, according to the number of your guests!) are available online for only £7.99 at

Books containing the recipes are also available from a variety of local outlets at a price of £9.99.

To order a book direct, Anne Davis can be contacted as below.


Text: 0752 330 4803


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