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Andrew Rowan: A Return to Pens

Andrew Rowan is Helen Rowan's husband, the local photographer whose pictures have graced our cover a few times and is a great friend of the team at S40 Local.

Helen describes Andrew as ‘yet to be discovered talent’ but judging by the cover I think he’s well on the way! So, what makes him tick, how did he arrive at the cover image, why has he not picked up his pens for so long and what’s it like to be part of such a creative family … and what is his day job?

I caught up with him to find out.

"In my normal life, I work for Derbyshire County Council supporting Schools and Academies across the county and doodling in the back of my notebook during meetings.

Outside of work, I like the same things I’ve liked since I was a kid – records, comics and making people laugh. At least two of those things always find their way into my drawings.

I’ve always spent time drawing cartoons with my two sons (who appear on the cover of the magazine!), but during the COVID-19 lockdown, I found myself drawing more often and more seriously. Drawing helps me relax, gives me a massive sense of achievement and – most importantly – it’s fun.

After years of telling me I should do something with my drawings, my wife Helen (who runs her own creative business at Helen Rowan Photography) finally convinced me to set up a dedicated Instagram page. From there, I started working on the cover of this magazine.

My idea for the cover was to include as many Chesterfield-related things as possible – some of which would be pretty obvious, and some of which would be obscure. So alongside the Crooked Spire, there’s a reference to a theatre, Chesterfield's most famous drummer, a football legend and a building in another country that has a connection to our town.

My personal favourite thing on the cover (apart from my children!) is my attempt to draw Barbara Hepworth’s Rosewall, which feels like a great asset to the town that we don’t make enough of.

I’m currently working on an exciting project related to my obsession with music and still drawing for fun. Follow me on Instagram (@a_r_transmissions) for drawings of hot dogs and Easter Island statues, or send me a message if you want me to draw something for you!"

Words: Paul Chapman

Images: Andrew Rowan


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