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An Inspirational Young Man, Joshua Tann

Words & Image: Paul Chapman

2280 days without a day off sick - can’t image it? Well, that’s what Joshua Tann at Brookfield has achieved.

“Joshua is mature beyond his years and it’s been a pleasure to teach him.”

There are 190 days in the UK school year and 12 years from infants to the end of year 11, 2280 days in total or six and a quarter years, if you did them end to end with no weekends!

So how is it that Joshua has managed this? “I love to learn, reading a wide genre of books, trying to eat a healthy diet, I simply love to come into school. This, together with the support and encouragement of my family and the teaching staff at school, have helped to make it achievable.”

How does it feel to have achieved this feat? “It’s a great sense of achievement; I can’t help but feel a sense of pride associated with coming into school each day to learn.”

“We’re immensely proud of his achievement”, add Jenny and Richard, Joshua’s parents. “His grandfather was Phil Johnson of Tinny Johnson's on Chatsworth Road. His father, Richard and grandfather, Phil, alike have both worked hard and diligently at the much-loved ironmongers.”

Has the achievement been celebrated in school? “I’ve had a presentation made at my leavers assembly for which I was very thankful, and The Derbyshire Times have also made a feature of my achievement.”

Mr Davey, form teacher: “Joshua was presented with an award for his attendance at the school leavers assembly, and his strong attendance will ensure he makes the most of his opportunities. There is a strong correlation between attendance and performance.

“Future employers would look for this and, if he ends up running his own business, he’ll be setting a great example.

“Joshua is mature beyond his years and it’s been a pleasure to teach him.”

Headteacher, Keith Hirst, said “This is a fantastic achievement by Joshua and everyone at Brookfield is very proud of him.  Attendance is vitally important for anyone if they are to achieve their potential, both at school and beyond.  Joshua and his parents can rightly be very proud of this accomplishment.”

Joshua will start at Chesterfield College in September where he’ll undertake a two-year extended level three diploma in Business. "I have chosen this course to further my entrepreneurial ambition to open a local establishment in the future. My inspiration derives from my family' s tradition for business acumen."

Is there a secret to your attendance? “Not really, you might say I’ve just been a bit lucky, I have had illnesses, thankfully short, and they’ve typically hit me at the weekend or holidays.”

There must have been some days when you wanted to pull the duvet up and not go in? “No, not at all, I’m usually the first in the tutor room and eager to learn.”

Joshua has played in the chess club, which has led to him competing at national competitions and was the Derbyshire Champion in 2016, 2018 and 2019 for his age.

It’s the start of a new academic year in a few weeks, what advice would Joshua give anyone coming into Brookfield for the first time? “You only have one chance at education, make it worthwhile. Your future depends on it, so make the most of it and enjoy it.”

Away from school, Joshua is a young leader at 3rd Brampton Scout Group, has achieved The Chief Scout Gold Award and completed The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award while at school. He plays crown green bowls at Robinson Bowls club at Walton Dam and is a keen golfer, playing at Stanedge.


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