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The Place We Live

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Words: Paul Chapman

Images: See Text

Over the past few editions I've been receiving a few photographs taken in and around the area that, I think, show what a great place we live in.

I've included four of the images on these pages, and taken the liberty of naming them; 'A Thing For Mushrooms'' comes from Elsie, taken whilst on a walk around Eyam, I love the rich blue sky in this one, 'Spire Lawns' was captured by Steve Wilmot who spotted a familiar shape formed by the shadows in his garden, 'Linacre Sunrise' is from Richard Cutting and 'Owzzat' is from Ian Kinniburgh, showing what a fab place Queen's Park is to watch cricket.

Thanks for taking the time to think of us and send them in. If you think you have an image we'd like to see please send it in and I'll start saving up the next set.

Happy snapping.


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