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Spital Arts

Words: Bekah Anstey

Images: Spital Arts

An evening to remember

Spital Arts are a dedicated team of people who deliver a variety of events that focus on creativity, community spirit and above all friendship. I was lucky enough to be invited to one of their events, an evening of Flamenco performed by the very talented Alma Gitana.

The show was set in St Leonards Mission Church, a beautiful old building dating back as far as the 1895, from the outside you would never know the vigour of life held from within its walls.

From the moment I walked in I instantly felt at home. I was greeted with a smile and taken to my seat, front row no less! Ollie and Marc, two of the organisers, are clearly experts in event management, they ensured the gig ran smoothly and most of all had lots of energy.

Now, Flamenco is not something I would have normally gone for, I’ve never really experienced it other than in a hotel bar in Spain on the odd occasion and even then, I would have been chasing around a toddler (Simon, aged 39).

From the moment Alma Gitana came out I was mesmerised. The crowd fell completely silent as the music started and we were taken on a journey to Spain! Lourdes Fernandez’s dancing was so inspiring that I wanted to quit my job and start a career as a Flamenco dancer, well, for an hour or so anyway. As the show progressed so did the crowd participation, everyone was clapping along, tapping their toes and shouting their best ‘ole’. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and cannot recommend it enough.

During the interval Elizabeth was on hand to help guests and is the chief cake maker, thanks Elizabeth, the lemon cake was sublime (I’ll be back for seconds).

This has enthused me to attend something new every month to expand my horizons, gain new experiences and make memories, after all, that’s all we really are, a collection of memories and I made a some good ones at Spital Arts!

Spital Arts have a few performances coming up that you should get your tickets for:

29th March - Jig for a kiss

11th May – Team Viking

7th & 8th June – Spital's Spectactular Art Show

You can purchase your tickets by contacting Ollie on 01246 220741


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