Defibrillators - Find our nearest piece of lifesaving equipment

When used within the first 3-5 minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest, a defibrillator can dramatically increase the chance of survival from less than 5% to as much as 70%.

That’s why knowing the location of defibrillators could be vitally important. When someone has a sudden cardiac arrest every single second counts and the knowledge could mean the difference between life and death.

In 2018 the British Heart Foundation started a project, in conjunction with Microsoft, to set up ‘The Circuit’, a National Defibrillator Network. Their aim, a defibrillator location database for use by all UK NHS Ambulance Trusts, meaning when a 999 call comes in, the Ambulance Service can direct the caller to the nearest defibrillator.

The national database isn’t open to the public, only the NHS, but needs everyone's help to input the location of local defibrillators. With all defibrillators mapped out the NHS can guide the caller to the nearest defibrillator, helping to save lives.

Less than 1 in 10 people survive an out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest, but accessible defibrillators should change that statistic.

Defibrillators are designed to be used by virtually anyone with little or no training or experience. Most defibrillators have voice guided instructions, meaning you can respond and provide immediate lifesaving treatment before the ambulance service arrives.

Please note: the most important thing is to dial 999 and state CPR. If you're on your own don't interrupt CPR to go get a defibrillator.

See below for map of local sites.

The website showing the location of the defibrillators created by the Tom Henson Charity can be reached by the link defibrillator map.

Town centre locations include; Queens Park Sports Centre, Winding Wheel, Pomegranate, Pavements Shopping Centre, Chesterfield Town Hall, Avenue House, Ashgate Medical Practice, Chesterfield Library and Ravenside Retail Park.

In our immediate area defibrillators are located at; Wheatbridge Surgery, Walton Hospital, Old Brampton School Room, Morrisons, Holymoorside Village Hall, Assura Pharmacy, Stubbing Rd, Storrs Road Methodist Church and Walton Village Hall.

First AED (see previous blog post) is currently offering a free 45-minute presentation to community groups, golf courses and businesses that may be interested in installing a defibrillator or would like to know more about AED and CPR training. To enquire about the presentation or our training course see below.

T: 07980 017010



Words: Aisling Rippin

Map: Courtesy OpenStreetMap


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