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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Reaching for the Stars

Inspired by a Lemn Sissay poem written for undergraduates at the University of Manchester, the Stellar programme launches at Brookfield Sixth Form this month, providing students with a galaxy of extra-curricular and volunteering opportunities.

Students can offer their expertise to support younger learners at local primaries, across the school and through the alphabet in art, dance, drama, English, geography, history, languages, maths, music, PE, science, technology or textiles; skills can be honed while taking part in worthy projects for the school charity – Project Lesotho – or the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award; and opportunities abound for a range of participants of all sorts in the school production, Sports Leadership and Young Enterprise. In all, more than 30 options provide a worthy backdrop to allow a constellation to shine.

The autumn term has therefore brought a fresh crop of budding writers to the S40 Journalism office at Brookfield – and we thought we’d give them the chance to introduce themselves.

Hello S40 readers! I’m an A-level student and I’m excited to be part of the school’s new writing team for S40: it feels really good to be trying out different extra-curriculars again. After a couple of strange school years, hopefully, we will have plenty to write about as everything starts to settle into a new normal. I have just started year 12, studying biology, chemistry, and maths, but would love to keep my interest in writing and reading, so as you can imagine, I was very pleased when I was told about this exciting opportunity! – Eleanor Hayward

Hi I’m Skye and I’m one of the new writers that will be writing for S40. I’m currently in sixth form and studying history, textiles and sociology. I’m also really interested in poetry and reading. For the past two years, my New Year’s resolution has been to write something, no matter how big or small, every day. So far I’ve stuck to it. I’m really looking forward to writing for S40! – Skye Harris

Hello S40! I'm a year 12 student at Brookfield studying geography, history and English Literature. I've written a little bit for S40 before and have delivered S40 magazines in my local area for several years. I think S40 local is an important part of the community and I'm looking forward to being able to continue writing for the magazine. – Aisling Rippin

As well as the “old hands”, including Anja and Dan, this small but dedicated band will aim to keep you informed about life in the school.

Please contact Nick Davey ( if you have any areas you’d like us to consider in our mission to inform and entertain.



Petrichor drowning the empty air

My perturbation causing me to tear

Vicious and blind

To the chains that bind

My soul in this eternal damnation

Ephemeral solitude bleached my thoughts

Even if after it constantly haunts

My unstable brain

Pretending to be sane

Holding the lypophrenia at bay

Tears silently sear scolding the skin

No hope in fighting the demon with in

No screams, no stares

Just judgment and glares

From the people who still do not care.

Tess Eve


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