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Words & Images: Paul Chapman

We can all feel a bit down on our home from time to time, but I actually love my home town and the memories Created. This got me thinking about why I love it here, what is it I like?

I started flicking through my pictures and set about finding six images to sum up how I feel. In the end, I chose the four shown.

Family: The picture below was taken a few years ago on a lockdown walk, the sun descending and myself and the kids, almost silhouettes against the night sky. That sky features a lot in my pictures, we do a good sunset in the west of Chesterfield.

The Spire: At the top of the page, represents home, the place we return to at the end of the day This picture isn't mine it's an Abode Stock image, and I love the way it connects the place we call home with the Peak District beyond.

Harewood Road: I love this strip of tarmac, the way it winds away from Holymoorside up onto Beeley Moor is fabulous. A few bridleways thread out from the road and if you walk along the one that runs from Harewood Road to Loads Road you are treated to a fabulous view of the Spire whilst feeling like you're hundreds of miles away.

The Peak District: The final pic is the Mam Tor ridge and represents how close we are to the Peak District, I love the outdoors and having the Peak District on our doorstep.

If I was to add two more pictures they'd be Linacre - I spend so much time there it feels like my backyard. Lastly, my daughter suggested Chesterfield's independent shops, Tallbird Records and Curious Goods are her faves.

What is it about Chesterfield that you love?


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